Today’s prompt: What was the #1 song when you were born? (not sure? you can find out here.) Write about how the song relates (or not!) to your personality.


I was so excited to learn that my number one song was “Flashdance (What a Feeling)” by Irene Cara. We actually had an Irene Cara album, with this song, in our house when I was younger and I always thought this lady was cool because she had my name. Anyways, there are a couple of ways it relates to my personality.

I like how the song starts off slow and then builds into a more upbeat pace. That’s kind of how I am: for the most part, I’m kind of cautious and reserved, but also have a chipper and optimistic side. And once I grab hold of an idea or possibility that excites me, that feeling (see what I did there?) ramps up.

The lyrics of the song talk about holding on and pursuing your dreams despite fear and I can relate to that as well.


First when there’s nothing

But a slow glowing dream

That your fear seems to hide

Deep inside your mind


I’m generally a risk-averse person but there’ve been times in my life where I’ve made bold decisions (not realizing it at the time) because something was gnawing at me and I knew if I didn’t make a move, I would regret not testing my potential. The most recent was taking the plunge to apply to grad school to switch careers after several years of working. Not only did I stop working to return to school full time, but I moved across country (3,000 miles back home) to do it. That process wasn’t easy and there were several times I doubted the decision, whether I was cut out for journalism (the new field I was pursuing), and whether the degree was worth the stress. But I’m also not a quitter and remembered that the pursuit of your goal is never easy, but it’s worth it.

What a feeling

Being’s believing

I can have it all

Now I’m dancing for my life


Take your passion

And make it happen

Pictures come alive

You can dance right through your life


So I’d say the song’s beat and lyrics match my peppy, ‘You can do it!’ attitude when I want to give up.

Positively upbeat with an affirming message–and a touch of 80s corniness? That’s “Flashdance (What a feeling)” and that’s me!